Juvederm Vollure™ XC

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Filler longevities are improving all along. The new Juvederm Vollure™ XC for laugh lines and marionette lines is a new Hyaluronic Gel which clinical tests showed an up to 18 months longevity *.​​

Vollure can last up to 18 months


Longer and Improved Results

Juvederm uses their patented Vycross® technology to blend different molecule weights to achieve a particularly smooth result. Vycross cross-linking makes the fillers more malleable and easier to inject, so your treatment is easier and outcome is even more natural-looking. Vollure’s longevity means you can enjoy the correction for a considerably longer time. Clinical study results of 18 months are based on optimal correction. Results may vary.

Where is Vollure used?

  • Laugh Lines (Parentheses lines)
  • Marionette Lines 
  • Horizontal Chin Lines

Parentheses (laugh) and marionette lines are visible lines that appear around your nose and mouth when your face is at rest. These lines occur as your skin loses hyaluronic acid and collagen, both which give your skin its structure.

patient images before and after Vollure filler

Why are their multiple hyaluronic acid fillers?

Fillers aren’t a “one size fits all” solution. Dr. Fitzgerald chooses different fillers for different areas of the face because no single filler is ideal for all areas. Facial anatomy, where you are on the aging spectrum, skin thickness and elasticity, levels of volume loss, YOUR facial expression movements – all these are considered in making the choice of which fillers are most appropriate for you as an individual.

Juvederm’s four formulas, Juvederm XC (lines and folds), Volbella (lips and lip lines), Vollure (mid face moderate to severe lines) and Voluma (cheeks) all are designed to give you the best results in the areas they have been developed for.

Are there side effects?

Any filler treatment will cause some initial swelling or redness. Usually, any side effects subside in a matter of days. Bruising can occur but is infrequent when pre-treatment guidelines are followed. The use of cannulas to place fillers also dramatically reduces the incidence of bruising.

Picking your injector

Dr. Fitzgerald is a National Trainer for all Juvederm fillers. See the professional training videos to understand the importance of physician expertise.

* Study Results