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Areas where Radiesse can be used

Radiesse® is a rather unique product used to fill deeper folds in your skin. Because of it's components and duration, Radiesse ( previously known as Radiance ) is technically an implant as opposed to a "wrinkle filler".

The tiny microspheres, made of calcium hydroxylapatite, provide a scaffolding into which your body's own collagen can grow and maintain the material in place. Calcium hydroxylapatite is a natural constituent of bone so you will not need allergy testing. The tiny spheres are injected into the skin within a gel suspension. This gel dissipates as your body's own collagen laces around the spheres, creating a long-lasting correction and smoothing.

One area where Radiesse is being used in a uniquely novel way is for reshaping the nose. Divots, bends, bumps and flat nasal bridge areas are easily changed in a matter of minutes. Often referred to as the "15 Minute Nose Job", this use of Radiesse is highly popular and effective. Read about the new Micro-Cannula "needle-less" injection technique.

New Study Results - Radiesse as a Collagen Builder
Study results are now showing that Radiesse offers some of the same self-collagen production that Sculptra provides, though on a lesser level. Still, this means that even when all the Radiesse has left your skin, some new collagen that your own body produced has taken its place.

Radiesse is a safe, effective and nonsurgical method most often used to lift the depressed fold that runs from the sides of your nose to the sides of your mouth. It is extremely popular with Dr. Fitzgerald's patients both for it's immediate effectiveness and long duration.
Important Pre Treatment Instructions

Radiesse has also proven to be a very versatile facial contouring product and has demonstrated durable augmentation in areas such as chin and cheek where a larger volume is required. It maintains a soft, natural feel and takes on the characteristics of the surrounding skin tissue. Radiesse is now being used as the "filler" to replace lost fullness in the hands. Hand Rejuvenation

Dr. Fitzgerald - Radiesse Training Physician
Dr. Fitzgerald has been recognized world-wide for her expertise with Sculptra. This recognition combined with her strong skills as a Radiesse injector led to her selection as a member of the elite Medical Education Faculty for Radiesse's developer, Bioform Medical Now Merz). As such, she is responsible for mentoring other physicians in the correct and effective injection of Radiesse.

See more photos of Radiesse patients.

Results typically last 1-2 years. The microspheres of CaHA have been shown to last up to seven years clinically. Radiesse should provide a long lasting correction, however individual results may vary, affected by age, skin type, lifestyle and muscle activity.

Can other filler products be used along with Radiesse?
Restylane, Cosmoderm or other dermal fillers such as the new Juvederm hyaluronic acid product may be used as layers to fill the more superficial lines and wrinkles. There is no restriction to using additional fillers.

Can I use Botox with Radiesse?
Dr. Fitzgerald often recommends that you combine filler injections with Botox. This combined use adds to the duration of both products for especially pleasing long term improvement.

Dr. Fitzgerald's Recommended Surface Skin Treatments include specially nourishing procedures such as the exciting Intraceuticals Infusion Facial ( so popular with movie stars),  SilkPeel and IPL Photo Facial for de-blotching sun damaged areas.

News and Press

Dr. Fitzgerald at American Academy of Dermatology annual meeting in New Orleans. Demonstrations on Periocular rejuvenation; MidFace Volumizing & Shaping and Best Practices for Sculptra (PLA)

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Los Angeles Dermatologist

Rebecca Fitzgerald MD, Board Certified Dermatology & Skin Surgery
International Master Trainer for Sculptra, National Injection Trainer for Juvederm, Botox, Restylane and Radiesse

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