Restylane Refyne and Defyne

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Dermal fillers can make subtle differences or differences of great magnitude. The selection, combining and placement of fillers is the key to a successful and harmonious result. Dr. Fitzgerald is pleased to offer two new Restylane filler formulations, Refyne and Defyne.

Restylane hyaluronic gels were the first “created” material used for filling wrinkles. (For those of us old enough to recall, collagen from cows were the standard wrinkle fillers!) Since Restylane’s initial market availability, there have been over 28,000,000 Restylane product treatments. Obviously they do the job well!



The New Ultra Flexible Fillers for "Mobile" Facial Areas

The most recent Restylane fillers, Refyne and Defyne, bring even greater improvement to how well the material behaves once injected. The final “big deal” with both Refyne and Defyne are their unique ability to move with the utmost of ease with your every expression. Aptly named “XpresHAn”, this new cross-linking technology increases the elasticity and support, giving you the best of both worlds in being able to use as much filler as needed in more mobile areas.

Not all fillers can be used everywhere due to the varying densities and flexibilities. This is one reason you see an expanding array of fillers, some that are specific to superficial lines or lips and others that are meant to provide deep volumetric improvement and support.

Facial movement is a necessary component in the consideration of how much filler can be used where. With Refyne and Defyne, both those considerations are less restrictive. The fillers offer soft support for laugh lines, folds and marionette lines and will likely be used “off label” in other areas that require more volume and flexibility.

Why Having More Filler Choices Improves the Outcomes

What I appreciate the most about the increasing range of gel fillers is the ability of the products to work together,” says Dr. Fitzgerald. “A little here, more there, layered here…it gives me the opportunity to fine tune the results - without sacrificing the required subtlety that keeps you looking like you, not an over-plumped or stiff caricature of what you used to be. And that subtlety is absolutely necessary if you’re going to be happy with the way you look when you’re finished.”



Volume Loss - Not Just an Age Issue

Facial recontouring and revolumizing have become much better understood in the last decade. While facelifts used to be the only option for looking younger, we’ve now established a step-by-step process that can more often than not set aside the idea of surgery for many years, or even exclude it entirely.

Not all volume needs arise from age-related volume loss. Genetics can play a big part in your unique facial balance (or lack of); so can the natural losses associated with breastfeeding or vigrous exercise. Using an augmentative dermal filler or collagen stimulator can provide the balance you want to enjoy at any age.



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With an artist’s eye and an indepth knowledge of underlying anatomy, Dr. Rebecca Fitzgerald can achieve a remarkable restoration effect with dermal fillers and collagen stimulators. The use of fillers, although the key to the “look of youth,” is only part of the solution to correcting appearance flaws that include volume loss or imbalance. Lasers and laser-like technology resurface, tighten and lift with little to no social downtime in most instances. Active product use invigorates skin to behave more youthfully and look fresh, clear and vibrant.

Technologies complete the picture when you want to enjoy a comprehensive rejuvenation. From skin tightening with Forma to scarring solutions with Fractora and Fraxel, to the powerful multi-solution Profound, your non surgical options continue to increase all along.

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