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Ultherapy™ Skin Lifting and Tightening

Ultherapy is a totally new way to tighten, tone and lift the brow, face and neck– not just skin deep, but deeper into the same fibro-muscular tissues that are targeted with surgery. Ultrasound technology delivers the energy which tightens these structures – along with the side benefit of new collagen production which provides additional firming power and smoother skin.

Ultherapy™ is the first and only FDA approved non-invasive device for structural tissue lifting. FDA cleared for noninvasive lifting of the skin on the brow, neck and chin.

With the ultrasound imaging screen, we can see "inside" the body and with high resolution imaging, actually view the tissues being treated. No other system provides this capability, so no matter what your skin thickness; the appropriate energy levels can be selected. This eliminates the guesswork inherent in older skin tightening systems.

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Many of our procedures are technology-driven and very person-specific. To help you find out if a treatment might work for you, we've set up an interest form that allows you to upload your photo(s). Our Special Procedures RN, Angela, will review your form and photos and call you for a "virtual" phone consult.

In office consults can be scheduled by calling (323) 596-0993

Then, if it seems you could benefit, you just set a time to come into the office for a Free Consult with Angela. Click here to fill out the Consult Registration form and upload your photos. Angela will be able to answer all your questions - and since she's the one performing these treatments, she's the perfect person to ask!

"Ultherapy is the only nonsurgical skin rejuvenation procedure that can specifically target and strengthen the deep foundational layer of tissue that doctors address in surgery. The ability to treat not just the skin but its underlying support, from the inside out, helps to ensure both safe and satisfying results, with no downtime."

Certified Advanced Ultherapist: Our Ultherapy R.N. Angela Sarff is a graduate of the most advanced training available for Ultherapy. A three-day intensive training program at the Ulthera Clinical headquarters has given Angela clinical specialist techniques that translate to best treatment results and precise pain management for the most comfortable treatment possible.

Ultherapy™ Results See Before and After Photos

Don't expect to see results before 6 to 12 weeks. The full effect is evident at about 6 months.

How long will it last? About 1 to 1.5 years is the expected duration of an Ultherapy treatment. Repeat procedures produce longer-lasting and more enhanced results. The severity of tissue sagging will determine if more than one treatment is recommended.

Ultherapy™ – Part of the whole in Facial Rejuvenation

Can I have Ultherapy with other procedures? Absolutely! Aging is not a single-issue event. We lose volume, develop wrinkles, accumulate sun damage, sometimes get "stuck" in habitual facial expressions (frowning, squinting, etc.) and experience tissue sagging. No one treatment does it all, so having multiple resources at hand allows a full throttle approach to getting our faces looking better and better with each component treatment.

Will Ultherapy™ get rid of extra fat under my chin?

Ultherapy will not affect fat accumulations. The tightening of other tissue will improve the profile, but will not reduce the amount of fat.

Does Ultherapy™ work?

88% of patients on said Ultherapy was "worth it". Those are patients' ratings, not ours!

Is Ultherapy™ painful?

Most all procedures which provide real results involve some level of discomfort or pain. Although tolerable, most patients do experience some pain. We'll discuss oral pain management options at your consultation to be sure that your treatments are as comfortable as possible.

**You will not be allowed to drive yourself after your treatment due to the medications you will receive. If needed, we have a professional livery service to pick you up and take you home.

What are the possible side effects?

Bruising ; Facial blushing; Low incidence of temporary welting; Very low incidence of mild swelling. Please see our Treatment Guidelines for pre/post-treatment recommendations.


How is Ultherapy different from Thermage, SkinTyte, ReFirme or Titan?

Thermage and Refirme are based on radio frequency. SkinTyte is a light based treatment using filtered broad band light. Titan uses infrared heat. Ultherapy has the advantage of much deeper penetration of ultrasound to affect the substructures of the face, reaching into the same layer as a surgical facelift (the SMAS). Additional Information on

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