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An immediate solution for fine lines and wrinkles. Developed in Switzerland, Belotero fills the gap in the existing families of wrinkle fillers. Easy to use with softness that feels like your own skin.

Before & After Belotero - 4 Months | Rebecca Fitzgerald MDWhat Is Belotero?

Belotero is a clear, colorless hyaluronic gel that has additional “elastic” properties. This increased elasticity makes it especially amenable to the more superficial lines and wrinkles.

Previous fillers were difficult to use in areas where wrinkles were not deep, but needed a little help. Belotero has smaller gel particles as well. Combined with the extra elasticity, it’s proving to be a well-liked fine line filler by both patients and our injector staff and physicians. To learn more, please call Rebecca Fitzgerald MD at 323-464-8046 today.

Specific Fine Line Filler

With the removal of collagen fillers from the market, we’ve not had a specific fine line filler until Belotero. It is proving to be a solid replacement for collagen fillers which worked so well for static fine wrinkles and lines around the lips and eyes. (See more about static and dynamic facial lines below).

Belotero Treatment Benefits

  • Evenly integrates with your own dermal tissues
  • No “blue hue” potential as with other fillers
  • Discreetly enhances your facial contours
  • Strong enough for deep folds yet soft enough for the finest lines
  • Rehydrates for a radiant appearance

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Types of Facial Lines

Static Facial Lines

Static lines are the ones that are visible when your face is in a resting position; they form as you age as part of the natural aging process. The quality of your skin degenerates as a result of exposure to the sun and various lifestyle factors, such as diet, exercise and alcohol. Skin structure is weakened and lines form. Dermal fillers are effective in treating static lines.

Dynamic Facial Lines

Dynamic lines are the ones that show when you move your facial muscles and form over time as a result of repeated underlying muscle movement. For instance the vertical lines between the eyebrows or the horizontal lines on your forehead are caused by frowning. The repetitive muscle movement forms a line in the skin. A facial muscle relaxant like Xeomin or Botox can treat frown lines by relaxing the associated muscles under the line, reducing their appearance.

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