Acne & Acne Scarring

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Maskne Tips

woman wearing mask experiencing acne breakouts referred to as "maskne"Breaking out from your mask? Here's why and what to do.

Wearing a mask can lead to acne mechanica, a form of acne triggered by excess heat, pressure, friction or rubbing of the skin. This breakdown of the skin’s barrier allows bacteria to enter the skin creating the perfect environment for an acne breakout.

Some tips while wearing a mask:

Acne Scar Improvement with RF Micro Needling

Scars from Acne are a tough reminder of a time you'd rather forget. Unfortunately, unlike acne which usually goes away on its own, scars don't.

The only way to improve acne scarring in a permanent way from the "inside out", is with new collagen production that your body makes.

The challenge lies in choosing the right procedure for your skin. Collagen creation can be activated in more than one way.

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