Age Spots

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Is Actinic Keratosis Dangerous?

Actinic keratosis is a direct result of repeated sun exposure. It doesn't show up until later years and can often be a surprise when it does.

Besides the displeasing appearance and feel, actinic keratosis can be a suggestion that skin cancer could follow. Not all AKs become skin cancer, but it's smart to have them checked by a dermatologist who knows what to look for. Without a trained eye, it's difficult to impossible to self diagnose whether a rough raised area is an AK or a beginning stage skin cancer.

Causes Of Age Spots

You may be really frustrated by the presence of age spots on your skin. Concealer is sometimes effective in covering up these pesky brown spots, but many people get frustrated by the need to use a concealer every day in order to experience even, unmarred skin.

Here are the contributing factors for age spots:

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