Face Shaping

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Improving Facial Contours

If it seems your face is changing shape, you're right! What's going on?

Facial contours are impacted by aging, gravity, genetics, and more. If you're in your 50s, you can usually readily notice the changes.  Evidence of skin laxity, volume loss, creases, and wrinkles can begin in your 30s, becoming more pronounced and evident as time passes.

What is Jawline Slimming?

Woman with slim jawline, smiling Enlarged masseter muscles can produce a bulky and masculine jawline – one that seems almost etched in stone – and detract from the softer, more feminine qualities many women desire. Masseter muscle enlargement may be a result of bruxism (tooth grinding), an often unconscious consequence of stress and anxiety. Pronounced jaw muscles may also be the result of genetics, unavoidable regardless of your habits.

Preserving and Refining Your Jawline

How Can I Make My Jawline Look Slimmer?

Scores of women are rushing to dermatologists, complaining of temporomandibular joint dysfunction (or TMJ), which is the latest excuse for getting neuromodulators like Botox injected into the jaw…But for a perfectly defined jawline that defies gravity and enhances any profile, Botox is just the beginning.


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