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7 FAQs About Vbeam Laser Treatment

Wishing the facial flushing or spider veins on your face, neck or legs weren't so obvious? Bothersome vascular skin conditions such as spider veins, broken blood vessels, and rosacea are difficult to hide and often emotionally hard to deal with. Simple laser treatments with Vbeam take the red out (and the brown and the acne and even helps with wrinkles!)

Hello Halo - Goodbye Discouraged Skin

Halo laser Los AngelesLess makeup and more naturally beautiful skin? Who doesn't want that? All the wonderful sunny California days can take away the glow your skin used to have. Instead you're faced with roughness, discoloration and a sort of dull and spotty complexion. 

It can get discouraging to watch your skin change - especially when you feel you've made good choices in skin care.


Patient of Rebecca Fitzgerald Dermatology – Fraxel

Fraxel’s the gold-standard all around laser for improving skin texture, tone and radiance. Treatments are tailored to your skin’s condition and existing problems.

The addition of PRP (platelet rich plasma) accelerates the recovery process and adds nutrient-rich growth factors which further increase the benefits of your laser treatment.

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