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Your Guide to Beautiful Skin

Maintaining beautiful, healthy skin requires diligent effort on your part. The actions you take on a daily basis will play a major role in the condition of your skin. We’ve created the following infographic to make sure you know what you need to do in order to maintain a beautiful, glowing complexion.

How to Achieve Healthier, more Youthful Skin

November is National Healthy Skin Month, which makes this the perfect time to discuss what is arguably the issue that defines our practice: how to make your skin as healthy and youthful looking as possible.

Dr. Rebecca Fitzgerald understands this is a significant priority for just about all of our patients. Healthy, beautiful skin is a crucial component of looking and feeling your best – so many of our patients tell us that they feel much better about what they see in the mirror after taking pro-active steps to improve their skin.

How the Sun Sees Your Skin

Before you really “got it” about sun protection, you were unknowingly inflicting some intense damage on your skin’s DNA – sort of guaranteeing that you’d be upping your odds for brown spots and potentially skin cancer  – But who thought of that!?

Lots goes on when sun hits skin. You don’t see the damage until there’s a lot of it.

Don't miss the video below- it's unforgettable!

The Derm or the Drugstore?


When should I see my derm and when can I just go to the drugstore?

I have patients in my office for all kinds of reasons. We all wear a lot of skin and there are thousands of problems with malfunctions and how skin looks. Spots, dots, wrinkles, rashes, zits… How do you decide what’s “dermatologist-visit-worthy” and what you can handle on your own?


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