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What Areas Can Juvederm® Treat?

Juvederm® is a popular dermal filler used in various cosmetic applications. Not all dermal fillers are appropriate for all treatment areas, and it can be difficult to know what’s right for you. Reputable practices like Dr. Rebecca Fitzgerald’s will provide a consultation and discuss which dermal fillers are best for your needs and what you are wanting to achieve. Being informed about your cosmetic choices is always important.

How Clear+Brilliant Can Help You

If you are a novice to laser treatment for improvement to skin rejuvenation, Clear+Brilliant Laser may be an ideal first step into the benefits of laser for a wide array of skin problems. Or if you have minimal problems with pigment or roughness, think of Clear + Brilliant as a level-up from chemical peels or microdermabrasion.

Skin Rehab Program

With renewal and rejuvenation in mind we conceptualized Skin Rehab. Choose from a range of three lasers starting with most gentle with no downtime to more effective with moderate downtime.

If you’re looking to prevent and address early signs of aging and you’d like to score better skin texture and elasticity, Clear + Brilliant will do just that and bring back your glow. The gentle laser uses fractional technology which erases recovery time. Series of 3 Clear + Brilliant treatments


Skin Treatments for Busy Moms

"I love being a mom! But I want to take care of myself too. Finding skin treatments that don't take up half my day - which I don't have to spare - is a challenge. What do you suggest?"

Those little ones certainly demand and deserve your attention. We've given consideration to your already tight schedule and have chosen some of the more mom-friendly and time-friendly options for busy moms.


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