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Skin Treatments for Busy Moms

"I love being a mom! But I want to take care of myself too. Finding skin treatments that don't take up half my day - which I don't have to spare - is a challenge. What do you suggest?"

Those little ones certainly demand and deserve your attention. We've given consideration to your already tight schedule and have chosen some of the more mom-friendly and time-friendly options for busy moms.


Patient of Rebecca Fitzgerald Dermatology – Fraxel

Fraxel’s the gold-standard all around laser for improving skin texture, tone and radiance. Treatments are tailored to your skin’s condition and existing problems.

The addition of PRP (platelet rich plasma) accelerates the recovery process and adds nutrient-rich growth factors which further increase the benefits of your laser treatment.

Pregnancy Related Skin Problems

Q. “Do you have ideas about managing my skin while pregnant?”

As all mothers know, sacrificing for your kids starts when you get pregnant. You expect your body to change, but your skin? Pregnancy related skin problems like breakouts, brown patches and stretch marks shouldn’t be part of the deal, but often they are.


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