Beauty Hype in a Bottle

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Miracle Skin Creams? – Beauty Hype

You’ve all seen the “Better than Botox?” ads. Incredible marketing! They took a trademarked name, added a question and built a financial masterpiece. Are these products better than an injectable product that took many millions of dollars to test and approve? Hint – the answer starts with No.

But, these products can help with moisturizing your skin. So if paying $139 for a small bottle of promise gets you to take better care of your skin, then maybe it’s step in the right direction.

On the serious side, the general public needs to be aware that any product that is truly bio-active can’t be sold in a store.That’s a legal ruling and controlled by the FDA. Bio active products like Botox and Dysport have been tested, studied and approved for safety and effectiveness.

The FDA is very picky. Anything that can cause actual changes in the skin structure, such as botulinum toxin to relax wrinkle-causing muscles or injectables which are used to fill wrinkles or stimulate new collagen, has to get government approval.

There are some studies going on now with topically applied botulinum toxin for crow’s feet. But this topical product, if approved, will not be an over the counter product and will be delivered in a medical setting.

So next time you see some appealing beauty hype printed on a package, remember the limitations and be aware of what you’re really buying. Any skin care regimen is better than none, but the “right” skin care regimen for your skin and lifestyle is best.

We take skin care products very seriously and go to great lengths to be certain the ones we recommend, both prescription level and medical grade level, all will do what they say.  We don’t prescribe beauty hype.

Note: With any product, prescription or otherwise, you do need to use them as directed to get the full benefit. It does little good to invest in products that reduce hyperpigmentation and then go out to the beach all day without proper sun protection. Sometimes a lifestyle change is integral to achieving what you want with your appearance. So, it could be a choice of beach or brown spots.