Better Skin Proclamation from the Rebecca Fitzgerald Office Staff

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Better Skin for the New Year – What We’re Doing

Even dermatologists slip now and then when it comes to adhering to our skincare routines. So this year I’ve decided that if I’m going to make a beauty resolution (that I actually stick to), I’ll need the support of my amazing staff and the accountability of having it in print. So, we are making our proclamations together, right here. Better skin is not an accident; it’s a routine.

clarisonic-plus-skin-care-system-and-spot-therapy__83996.1329341826.451.416My all time favorite!

“As all my patients know, I am a huge proponent of the Clarisonic Cleansing brush. But I’ll admit, sometimes I get out of the habit of using it twice daily. But when I do, my skincare products absorb better, my dry patches are gone and my fine lines and wrinkles are less visible. So, I’m keeping it charged and in my shower, ready to go!”Rebecca Fitzgerald, MD.

Now here’s what my staff has to say:

I resolve to use my Obagi products more consistently – as in daily. When I do, the payoff is huge – my pores basically look non-existent.”  Marcia Currie, Business Manager

 “Not only does yoga increase flexibility and straighten body alignment, but also works to detoxify the skin. This year I plan to do it more regularly so that I feel great and my skin looks dewy and refreshed.”   Rachael Chambers, Patient Service Coordinator

“I plan to start using Latisse again every day. I miss my long thick lashes. It just made my face look so pretty. I am determined!”  Maria Figueroa

 “Since moist skin reflects lights and shows fewer wrinkles, my beauty resolution for 2012 is to drink more water throughout the day so my skin will stay hydrated. I’ll combine that with my daily regimen of Skinceuticals sunscreen and Revale skin care products.  Cheers to smooth and wrinkle-free skin as I venture into my 30′s!”   Leah Dela Cruz, Patient Service Coordinator

“Out of convenience, I clean my face with shampoo when I’m washing my hair. This year I will try to take the extra minute or two to use actual face wash which will be much less drying to my skin.” Mario Cornejo, Staff Photographer

“ I’m going to be ambitious and focus on my overall health and well-being.  I need to give myself the time to recharge so I stay healthy, happy, and fit. When I consistently get seven to eight hours of sleep a night, stay hydrated with water (and avoid soda), and exercise regularly, I have more energy, I’m in a happier mood, and my skin feels hydrated and looks more youthful.”   Kelsey Nagie, Patient Service Coordinator

We’re revamping our product pages to help you easily find what will work for your skin to make it better. And we’d love to hear from you what products you’ve found that make a difference for you.

What will YOU do this coming year to see better skin and enjoy it more? Hopefully we’ve inspired you to make some of your own resolutions. Here’s to a happy, healthy and beautiful new year.