Fixing a Botched Lip Augmentation

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lip-fix-rfmdThe “Oh No” Moment

You’ve seen overdone or obviously done lips and maybe snickered or pointed – But what do you do when it’s YOU who’s being pointed at? When a lip augmentation “goes bad”, is there anything you can do?

As long as a hyaluronic acid filler was used, you’re in luck, because there IS a fix.

Outdated Lip Augmentation Techniques

Unfortunately there are still doctors and nurse injectors who use outdated techniques for lip augmentation. The results can range from “ehhh” to “auugghh!”. If your lips  don’t look too terrible, you might be able to do a little additional filler to balance things out. But if that’s not possible??

Lips that are over-augmented, have a fat “roll” at the top or look like they’re pasted on need a different solution.

The 2 Step Correction

Using a special two-step process (requires 2 visits), Dr. Fitzgerald CAN get rid of most botched lip jobs and replace them with ones that are natural looking, pretty and appropriate for your face and age.

Step 1 : A special enzyme is injected to dissolve the excessive or poorly placed filler
Step 2 : After the previous filler is dissolved, you’ll come back in for new filler. This puts the volume where it’s really needed to evert the lip in a natural way. Your lips will look pretty – not “done” or disproportional.