Cheekbones in a Tube

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Cheekbones in a tubeReady for instant gratification? The newest filler available, Juvederm Voluma XC creates immediate results – as in you’ll leave the office looking younger – plus has remarkable staying power – up to 24 months.

After five years of anticipating FDA approval, Allergan, the company that brought us Botox, released the gel filler to a select group of physicians in the US. I was honored to be chosen in that first group, and also asked to be a physician trainer in injection techniques for the company. The filler has previously received approval in 72 countries.

What Makes This Filler so Perfect?

Voluma holds shape firmly, making it ideal for restoring volume lost in the cheeks – which lifts sagging skin. It’s also the perfect choice for cheekbone and chin accentuation – in fact I like to call it “cheekbones in a tube”! And while robust for a hyaluronic acid filler, Voluma produces not only a natural look, but a natural feel.

You may have heard me mention light and shadows with regards to facial aging? I can’t overstate its importance. The more convex areas we create, like replacing lost plumpness in the cheeks, the more naturally youthful you appear.

The Mirror – Friend or Enemy?

Aging doesn’t mean we have to sit back and glare at the mirror. There are so many choices for maintaining and restoring a youthful appearance, the only thing that may get in the way is a tight budget. Maintenance starting early means you will have to do less as you get older.