Dr. Fitzgerald and her Sculptra Patients – Video Stories

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Watch our Sculptra Video and Learn more about the benefits and techniques of sculptra for facial rejuvenation.

Sculptra Video: Hear from Dr. Fitzgerald’s patients how Sculptra changed the way they felt about themselves. Sculptra has unparalleled ability to make subtle changes in your facial contours. Dr. Fitzgerald maintains a strict treatment process that assures you will look totally natural during and after your treatments. The goal is to look better without anyone noticing a specific change.

Dr. Fitzgerald has been involved with the use of Sculptra since its inception when first approved for the treatment of lipoatrophy. The FDA approval of Sculptra for aesthetic use opened the door for U.S. physicians and patients to have access to one of the biggest advances in cosmetic fillers since the first use of bovine collagen over two decades ago.

Sculptra typically works quickly for “younger” patients as the collagen reaction to the stimulation effects of the PLLA is at a robust level. More mature patients may require more treatment sessions and product to achieve desired effects, but most every patient sees appreciable improvements in facial contours and volume replenishment.