Profound MicroNeedling - When You're Looking for Serious Improvements

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By now you've likely heard about micro needling. But what you may know have heard is how very different the different devices can be!

If you're looking for some gentle smoothing and texture improvement, then all you may need is a basic version with an automated pen device. But if you're looking for more substantial gains that include new elastin, new collagen and an increase of your skin's hyaluronic acid, then look to Profound RF MicroNeedling.

The Single Procedure with BIG Benefits

A single Profound treatment stimulates your body to naturally reproduce collagen, elastin, and hyaluronic acid to revitalize the skin and build new, healthy tissue. The Profound treatment is clinically proven to stimulate your body’s own wound-healing response to reduce the signs of aging without the use of chemicals or surgery.

This is the only RF injectable energy treatment that stimulates and triggers the creation of new elastin, collagen, and hyaluronic acid—the 3 skin fundamentals for smooth, youthful-looking skin. The Profound treatment is what helps patients get the snap back to their aging skin.

Why are these 3 components important?

  1. Collagen is the glue that holds our skin together. The most abundant protein in the human body - it provides strength to the skin. The smallest collagen building blocks are 5-10 times stronger than steel!2
  2. Elastin helps skin to return to its original position when it is poked or pinched. Not unlike a rubber band, elastin is what gives the snap to your skin.
  3. Hyaluronic acid is a gel-like liquid that improves skin hydration, stimulates the production of collagen, and helps skin to maintain its elasticity. 
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