Sleep Oh Sleep Where Art Thou?

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dark-circles-150x150It’s been an incredibly long weekend and the kids have had more energy than a field of grasshoppers. They nap – I spend their nap time cleaning up the house, doing laundry, throwing away the newspapers I didn’t have time to read and planning the coming week….I hear from the kitchen, “Mom, there’s no milk!” Do I really have time to get to the market?? For the past two nights I logged a total of 12 hours sleep and I absolutely CRAVE some intimate moments with my pillow.

I’m also avoiding the mirror like the plague because the lack of sleep is very evident on my face. Dark circles, red eyes, pallor and a dull tone. Yuk!

I absolutely know that sleep is “repair” time and that if I miss it, it’s never really made up – it’s just lost time that I adjust to over the next week when everyone is back on a schedule. (But school is almost out and I am hoping – praying – that everyone will take advantage of the extra morning hour or two of sleep time!)

I know what sleep loss means

It means lost energy. It means a sluggish system. It means unhappy skin and grumpy me. It means I will look older than I am and feel older, too.

The phone is ringing. It’s my friend  – the one who never talks less than 70 minutes. She’s wonderful and I love her, but tonight I need sleep more than a chat. It is a moment when voicemail is my ally.

Sleep … Tomorrow I’ll take a nap. Tonight I’ll coax the little ones to bed a little bit earlier. By the end of the week, I might even start looking like myself again.

A Mom