Ultrasound to the Rescue with Ultherapy Lift!

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Venture to guess how many of us want to endure a surgical facelift. The number’s not big, and most people will either never get one or put it off until they feel there are no other options.But there are “other options” and we’re seeing more evidence of this every day. It was not that many years ago that the ONLY option was surgery. Then came Botox, lasers, then collagen fillers, then other fillers, then skin tightening machines.

Facelift-like Options

Now with Sculptra, fillers, relaxers and the latest and greatest, Ultherapy Lift, we can get some remarkable “facelift-like” outcomes that were never possible before.

Ultherapy in the Media

Ultherapy has been hot in the media – from The View to The Doctors to TV stations across the nation. The uniqueness of the technology, combined with the never-before depth of the energy placement, has put ultrasound in a new echelon of cosmetic treatments that give near-surgical results without the surgical intervention.

Ultherapy alone is about an hour of your time. Little prep is required other than some pain management medication. Sensations after the procedure are nil so there is no lingering post treatment discomfort.

Bruising is not frequent but you “can” bruise, so if you take a lot of heart healthy supplements like fish oils or that aspirin a day, have some concealer on hand just in case.

Post Surgical Refresher

Already had your face lift but need a little updating? Ultherapy Lift is an excellent way to keep the facelift improvements going longer without additional surgery. We all keep aging, so even a facelift is not a complete clock stopper.