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Venture to guess how many of us want to endure a surgical facelift. The number’s not big, and most people will either never get one or put it off until they feel there are no other options.But there are “other options” and we’re seeing more evidence of this every day. It was not that many years ago...Read more
Ultherapy – Ultrasound Therapy​ While Ultherapy may not be the golden ticket for everyone, it certainly is gaining more followers. Who This Works Best For There are no true age limits on either end for Ultherapy, but we’re finding that the fastest and most definitive results land in the 30′s to...Read more
The Benefits of Cosmelan for Facial Discoloration Hyperpigmentation and melasma present on the skin as dark discolorations, usually focused on the face but sometimes on the neck as well. Both conditions are caused by an overproduction of melanin, the natural pigment that determines the color of a...Read more
Dr. Fitzgerald was interviewed by the local CBS station about common skin problems, the basic causes and solutions and which product levels you might need. Top 3 Skin Problems Dry, irritated skin – Caused by lack of moisture and lack of natural oils to seal the moisture in. Look for ceramide-...Read more
Rosacea can be like a defiant teen at times. Just when you need your skin to behave, it decides to glow like Rudolph and break out. In some ways you can liken Rosacea to skin temper tantrums. No cure, but you can control So what do you do? Rosacea is chronic – meaning it’s a condition that really...Read more
Managing Acne Will getting a tan help? Not in the long run. Many people think tanning “helps” acne, but really all you are accomplishing is activation of melanin cells, an early start on wrinkling and potential risk of DNA damage that can result in skin cancer. Plus, if you are on acne medication...Read more
What you REALLY need to know about sunscreen “Every spring it seems some sort of news about sunscreen comes out. Is there anything I really need to know?” The idea is always to simplify sunscreen for consumers, but often all of the updates and new ingredients and products just end up confusing...Read more
Dr. Fitzgerald Video – Cosmetically Filling the Face Dr. Fitzgerald was recently invited for an interview by Practical Dermatology’s Journal Club. Learn new perspective on aging and how fillers and other injectables can not only correct lines and folds and volume loss, but also how early treatment...Read more
We all love lipstick, right? (Okay, so it’s the gals – but you fellas like us to look pretty, don’t you?) Long ago, makeup and lipstick was flat out toxic – lead was a basic ingredient back in the days of the Egyptians and it makes you wonder if that had anything to do with the average lifespan!...Read more
CHRISTINE’S SCULPTRA EXPERIENCE ABOUT SCULPTRA Unlike other injectable products, Sculptra® is not a site-specific wrinkle filler, but rather a re-volumizing agent that restores fullness and contours to correct the signs of facial fat and bone loss (volume loss). Facial “Deflation” happens to all of...Read more