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"Madeline gets tan in an hour. It takes me all summer!” Not all skin is born equal. Some of us can get a golden tan in an hour with little sun damage and others can work at it all summer and end up only faintly beige – with a host of sun damage that shows up for decades. Why? The climates of...Read more
Sagging AND Skin Aging? When you look in the mirror and you see aging skin and sagging, the most frequent thought that passes your mind is , “Gee, maybe I should see a plastic surgeon.” Well, you can do that. And you’ll probably get a nice new face. But if the idea of surgery simply has you rolling...Read more
A Magic Bullet for Body Bulges? Los Angeles Dermatologist Rebecca Fitzgerald satisfies her clients’ wishes for a magic bullet to banish the bulge. The fat freezing system CoolSculpting super-cools fat cells for reducing muffin tops, love handles, poochy tummies and bra fat. Bring ‘em on! Those long...Read more
When should I see my derm and when can I just go to the drugstore? I have patients in my office for all kinds of reasons. We all wear a lot of skin and there are thousands of problems with malfunctions and how skin looks. Spots, dots, wrinkles, rashes, zits… How do you decide what’s “dermatologist-...Read more
My concealer routine is taking up too much time in the morning. Do you have any longer-term solutions for under eye circles? ‘Tis the season. We’ve got the double whammy of holiday exhaustion yet wanting to look great for all of the parties and socializing. We wake up these mornings, look in the...Read more
Getting Your Vitamin D Did you know most of the Vitamin D you need is synthesized through your skin’s response to sunlight? Many people living in the sunny areas of the country like California can get enough vitamin D from about 10-15 minutes of sun exposure on their arms and face a few times a...Read more
It’s seldom a single procedure that fulfills the dreams and wishes we have for looking better. Dermatology today is almost on the level of a Julia Child cookbook for creating recipes for facial rejuvenation. Getting a long lasting and natural looking appearance update or improvement frequently...Read more
Medical Exfoliation with the Kind Touch of SilkPeel Microdermasion has been around a long time. And it’s stayed out front and center because exfoliating your skin has proven to provide a host of benefits. Dead skin cells accumulate, making it hard for your pores to do their job. Dead skin cells are...Read more
Self Assessment Can be Daunting A quick look at our face in the mirror and we start wondering, “Where’d that frown line come from? And when did my lips disappear?” Appearance and the effect on life enjoyment - When we don’t like the face looking back in that mirror, it has a tremendous cascading...Read more
If you wonder what’s in the syringe that’s used to fill in a wrinkle or a fold, restore facial volume and plump up lips, you’ll be glad to know most of it is pretty simple stuff! Here’s a component list and what each means • Hyaluronic Acids (Juvederm, Restylane, and Prevelle) are made from sugar...Read more