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At Rebecca Fitzgerald MD Dermatology, we know the impact your appearance has on your self-confidence - and how certain skin conditions can be frustrating and at times embarrassing. Dealing with sun damage, broken capillaries, brown or age spots, and sun-induced freckles can become a daily, time-...Read more
One common issue, Rosacea, affects millions of Americans by showing up as redness, or even red bumps or pimples, most frequently on the cheeks and nose. Depending on the severity of the Rosacea, it may also show up as red, dry or irritated, and swollen eyes. Despite how common Rosacea is,...Read more
At Rebecca Fitzgerald MD Dermatology, your skincare and overall health are our top concerns. While we are able to treat several conditions that are caused by sun damage , the primary and most effective way to prevent potentially permanent and life-threatening conditions is with prevention. Here are...Read more
Age spots, liver spots, or sun spots: whatever you call them, you probably don’t want them! Age spots aren’t actually directly caused by age. Instead, these patches of discoloration on your skin are caused by years and years of sun exposure. They may appear as you age, as the accumulation of sun...Read more
April is Stress Awareness Month. Unfortunately, stress is common in our lives. Especially with the many stressors of the COVID-19 pandemic over the last couple of years, feeling worried, anxious, and overwhelmed may be more present in your life than ever before. We hope you’ll take the opportunity...Read more
The temperate, Mediterranean climate of Los Angeles means we're spared the harsh, cold winters and abrupt seasonal changes that other parts of the country experience. Nonetheless, the coming of Spring is the perfect time to take stock of your skin care routine, rid yourself of what isn’t serving...Read more
Sun damage : It’s one of those things that many of us don’t fully appreciate until well into adulthood. You may have accumulated a lot of sun damage in your younger years, but hadn’t seen the ramifications until recently. When sun damage surfaces, it may include: Brown spots Splotchy discoloration...Read more
New Year, new goals. It’s a great time to schedule that cosmetic treatment you’ve been thinking about. At Dr. Rebecca Fitzgerald’s practice, we provide an array of procedures to fulfill your vision. Here are some of the most popular non-surgical treatments: Ulthera . Loose, inelastic skin is an...Read more
Have you been considering laser treatment for some time and now you’re ready to get started? Have you had laser treatments before but you’re ready to try something new? In both of these scenarios and others, Fraxel may be a great option! Fraxel is ideal for treating: Uneven skin tone Uneven skin...Read more