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Once again the annual Women of Larchmont issue of The Larchmont Chronicle kindly nudges me to take stock of the past year. And when I reflect on the whirlwind that it’s been, training other physicians stands out as one of the most gratifying experiences of the past twelve months. In May I headed to...Read more
Q. “Do you have ideas about managing my skin while pregnant?” As all mothers know, sacrificing for your kids starts when you get pregnant. You expect your body to change, but your skin? Pregnancy related skin problems like breakouts, brown patches and stretch marks shouldn’t be part of the deal,...Read more
Question: “ My lips are thinning with age but I don’t want to look of fake with those over plumped up lips I see. What are some tips for natural appearing lip plumping?” The mistake many patients make (and many physicians too) is choosing to focus ONLY on the lip itself. Youthful full lips, the...Read more
Whether to choose a Hyaluronic Gel like Juvederm Voluma or Restylane Lyft or Sculptra for cheek augmentation will depend a great deal on how your face is proportioned and what may be happening due to volume loss or genetic volume deficiency. The face goes through many changes as we age, and these...Read more
The idea of "freezing fat" seems like one of those too good to be true claims, but this one isn't. Once you understand the science behind the process, it makes perfect sense. Discover how CoolSculpting works to reduce fat in various areas of the body. Super cold contact plates lower the temperature...Read more
Is Ultherapy the new facelift alternative? “I’d be hard-pressed to find a patient who isn’t interested in combating wrinkles and sagging skin without surgery. So when we began offering Ultherapy , I knew we had a powerful new option on our hands,” Dr. Fitzgerald shares. The treatment is the first...Read more
Ultherapy in Los Angeles – View the Ulthera videos Ultherapy is approved for nonsurgical lifting of the lower face, the brow and the decollete. Ultrasound can get to the deep parts if your skin layers without disrupting the surface through the idea of concentration and what I talk about this or...Read more
Getting ready to “go bare” – An annual pre-summer challenge. How we all would love to have little kid skin again! Just fresh, clear smooth skin… With summer not that far away, we’re going to have to shed the long sleeves, winter scarves and cute boots. That leaves a whole lot of bare skin…and for...Read more
"Madeline gets tan in an hour. It takes me all summer!” Not all skin is born equal. Some of us can get a golden tan in an hour with little sun damage and others can work at it all summer and end up only faintly beige – with a host of sun damage that shows up for decades. Why? The climates of...Read more
Sagging AND Skin Aging? When you look in the mirror and you see aging skin and sagging, the most frequent thought that passes your mind is , “Gee, maybe I should see a plastic surgeon.” Well, you can do that. And you’ll probably get a nice new face. But if the idea of surgery simply has you rolling...Read more