Clinical Study

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Kybella / CoolSculpting for “Double Chin”

Clinical Study Criteria and Basic Details

Clinical Study Open to Applicants

Age: Between 22-65

Must have visible fat accumulation beneath the chin

Must be in good health and not under treatment for serious medical conditions

Cannot have had Kybella or CoolSculpting treatments under the chin in the past

Cannot have had liposuction in the area

Cannot be pregnant or breastfeeding

Must be willing to maintain body weight to within 5% of baseline

Must be willing to complete all treatment sessions, follow-up visits, surveys and allow photos before, during and after treatments

Must have access to and be available to attend 10 or more study visits within a 9 month period at the medical offices of Rebecca Fitzgerald MD Dermatology at 321 N. Larchmont Blvd., Los Angeles, Ca 90004

Study sessions are confidential

Sponsored Study - No Cost to Participants

** There is no fee to participate in the study. All treatments are provided at no cost by the study sponsor. Compensation is provided to offset costs of travel, parking, etc.

** A prescreening appointment is required to determine eligibility

Treatment Protocols for Study

  • Pre treatment clinical photo session
  • 2 Sessions of CoolSculpting spaced approximately 6 weeks apart with photo sessions at specific intervals
  • 2 Sessions Kybella spaced approximately 6 weeks apart with photo sessions at specific intervals
  • Post-treatment clinical photo sessions, evaluations and patient survey

Photo Guideline for Best-Suited Candidates


The study is being conducted primarily on weekends (Saturdays) and will be timed so all subjects move through the study together.

Participants must be available the following days:

5/19/2018 – First CoolSculpting Mini Treatment

6/23/2018 – Second CoolSculpting Mini Treatment

7/28/2018 – First Kybella Treatment

9/15/2018 – Second Kybella Treatment

10/20/2018 – Follow-up visit #1

12/8/2018 – Follow-up visit #2