Fractora™ Non-Surgical Skin Renovation

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Skin Resurfacing with Fractora Radio Frequency

Treating wrinkles, scars and discolored skin is a large part of dermatology and has for decades been achieved with different therapies, including laser. Fractora’s “pin-based” technology is a relatively new and unique system for providing deep-reaching results for all skin colors and types.

What Fractora™ Treats

  • Scarring from acne or injury
  • Wrinkles on the face and neck
  • Perioral lines around the mouth
  • Poor skin tone from sun damage
  • Pigmentation and vessels

What is “Pin-based” Technology?

Previous versions of radio frequency were delivered via direct contact with the full skin surface. Fractora’s system uses microfine pins that penetrate the skin at scalable depths depending on the problems being addressed and the severity of those problems.


How Is Fractora Different from Fraxel?

Although it seems the two technologies are almost the same, there are distinct differences. Fraxel is a laser with more limited penetration depths. This makes it an ideal laser for pigmentation and “light” resurfacing. Fractora radio frequency penetrates with pins to deliver energy deeper and more widespread beneath the skin surface.

Fractora can be used more aggressively to treat pronounced acne scars, deeper wrinkles and provide improvement in skin laxity. Think Fraxel for “average” resurfacing and Fractora for bigger problems and bigger results.

Fractora for Acne Scarring
4 Fractora Treatments

The Post-Treatment Pigment Factor

Fractora has the advantage of radio frequency technology which concentrates most of the heat beneath the pigment layers, thus reducing to a significant degree the risks of having discoloration after treating scars, wrinkles and excess pigment itself.

Why Genetic Background Matters

The genes you carry from parents, grandparents and beyond determine how your skin responds to heat and sun. Very light Scandinavian skin generally is immune to post treatment pigmentation and these skin types can utilize all the different laser technologies without worry. Typically, darker skin tans easily and discolors easily. This makes many traditional heat-based technology treatments riskier in terms of post-treatment pigmentation side effects. This is especially the case with lasers, which sends the same levels of heat through all layers of the skin.

How Many Treatments Will I Need?

Most patients will need around 3 treatments, spaced 1 month apart. Severe acne scarring and deep wrinkles will likely need more based on severity and patient response.

Pre Treatment

  • You can bruise with Fractora, so avoid blood thinners, fish oil, NSAIDS and aspirin for up to two weeks before treatment (Stopping RX blood thinners must be cleared by your prescribing physician)
  • Cold sore prevention medication will be provided if you are prone to cold sores
  • Patients with darker skin and a tendency to hyper pigmenation may be pre-treated with Hydroquinone

Treatment Experience Expect moderate discomfort from the pins and radiofrequency energy. Discomfort increases with treatment intensity. You will be numbed for 1 hour with 23% lidocaine /7% tetracaine. Pain medication can be provided if you desire. Everyone’s tolerance levels are individual, so we'll provide what you need to be as comfortable as possible.

Post-Treatment You’ll be given an Avene SOS kit to use in the days following the treatment. Swelling is managed with cold compresses. Expect acute swelling 1-3 days, residual swelling 1-2 weeks. You’ll see a grid-like pattern on your skin for about 5 days along with bronzing, crusting and redness. The small crusted dots will flake off within a week. Avoid sun and wear SPF until your skin has healed, about 2 weeks.

Treatment Providers for Fractora

Fractora treatments are provided by our laser team: Dr. Ray Jalian and FNP Angela Sarff.

Call 323-464-8046 or complete the interest form for a consultation at our Larchmont dermatology office for a precise assessment of your skin and the best treatments to reach your goals.