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Meet Jeuveau™ the new neurotoxin approved by the FDA for the temporary improvement of moderate to severe glabellar lines in adults1 and the only product of its kind developed solely for aesthetic use.


How do I pronounce Jeuveau?

It’s simple – Jū vō, like saying hello. You may also see it as #Newtox across the web.

Newtox patient results

Jeuveau patient results

Is Jeuveau like Botox?

Essentially, yes. All neurotoxins work by interfering with the action receptors in muscles. This receptor interference is what makes Botox, Zeomin and Dysport effective in reducing frown lines and dynamic wrinkles.

Will I need more or less product to get the same effects?

At this time we’re injecting similar units as Botox and Xeomin in the glabellar lines. (Dysport has a different dilution and different dosing method.)

Important Safety Information