Improve Your Skin’s Clarity and Tone With Vbeam Laser

In Los Angeles, not only do we take a beating with the traffic, but our skin can suffer assault from near-relentless sun exposure, often resulting in red splotchy areas, little visible veins, and an unfriendly environment for those who suffer from Rosacea. Self-management can help, but laser technology is the tool that works every time.

Amidst many options, the Vbeam Laser offers a cutting-edge solution for various skin conditions. If you want to enhance your skin’s clarity and even tone, understanding the power and safety of the Vbeam Laser is a great way to start.

Precise Targeting With Vbeam Laser

The Candela Vbeam Pulsed Dye Laser is a proven powerhouse in the fast-growing field of cosmetic dermatology treatments. This pulsed dye laser treatment can treat any issue that causes reddish skin or visible blood vessels.

From facial veins, red acne or surgical scars, and rosacea to angiomas and active acne, the Vbeam laser zeroes in on inflamed or broken vessels, providing a more even skin tone. Also, the Vbeam Prima version boasts two wavelengths, ensuring more efficient treatments that target both superficial and deep veins. The outcomes are highly positive for most patients.

The Science Of The Pulsed Dye Laser

The pulsed dye laser works by going after the color red. Laser lights are absorbed by specific colors (or water) in the skin. Vbeam’s laser wavelength is “attracted” to red. Each quick laser pulse is grabbed by the red pigment in the capillaries and veins. Vbeam is also used to speed up the resolution of bruising.

The heat from the laser absorption begins to shut down the vessel. Repeat treatments may be required for more prominent veins. Once the veins are no longer capable of moving blood, the body’s natural healing process absorbs them, leaving the treated skin with less redness and fewer or no visible veins.

Safety First

One of the primary concerns with any treatment is safety. The Vbeam laser is incredibly safe and is present in dermatology practices worldwide.

As a testament to its safety profile, Vbeam is used to treat port wine stains in infants. The top skin layer is shielded during treatment by Candela’s dynamic cooling device, DCD™, which mists a super-cooling spray onto your skin before each laser pulse. The Prima features EverCool™ contact cooling, simultaneously treating vascular and pigmented lesions.

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Considering numerous factors, including age, skin location, and condition severity, consulting a board-certified dermatologist is crucial.

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