Excel V in Los Angeles

If it’s red, Excel V can treat it! Skin must be protected prior to the laser activation to protect the surface from overheating. The Excel V in Los Angeles has a sapphire cooling tip that exactly cools the area that is treated. Expect a safer and more comfortable treatment, with less risk to the skin, compared to older laser technology.

Excel V Neck and Chest Before & AfterRFMD(1)


The following problems can be treated with the Excel V:

  • Broken blood vessels
  • Rosacea
  • Generalized redness (Especially effective on the chest)
  • Blue vessels around eye, forehead, temple*
  • Vascular birthmarks
  • Spider Veins
  • Scars
  • Bruising
  • Redness associated with acne
  • Hair removal in small areas for all skin types (even darker skin tones)
  • Sun spots

*Bonus: Excellent ability to target small veins of the eyelid where other lasers are too strong.

The Excel V’s 532 wavelength is much better absorbed by the red color (hemoglobin) in the vessels being treated, resulting in more heat getting into the vessels and, thus, better outcomes. Clinical studies comparing traditionally used wavelengths showed a 5x higher affinity to red.

What is Excel V Treatment?

Excel V is an innovative approach to the treatment of vascular skin conditions in Los Angeles. The system is built on the intention of safety and comfort before all else, and, fortunately, it also achieves excellent aesthetic results. Many skin conditions present as abnormal blood vessels or diffuse redness and flushing. These characteristics can be difficult to cover with makeup and may cause self-consciousness. To resolve these vascular conditions, we perform Excel V laser treatment. This brief procedure targets atypical redness with high-power green light laser energy. The absorption of the green light at the right power can quickly restore a natural, beautiful skin tone.

Who Is an Ideal Candidate for the Procedure?

The Excel V laser treatment can be a great treatment option for most people in Los Angeles who want to correct vascular spots and visible veins. The device has been thoroughly tested through clinical trials and has performed well on the full range of Fitzpatrick scale skin types. Often, people with darker skin are advised not to have laser treatments. With Excel V, the options are more open. This is because the Excel V device is adjustable between a 532nm wavelength and 1064nm wavelength. The adjustability of the two wavelengths allows us to customize each treatment to meet patients’ unique needs as determined through our comprehensive consultation and examination of the skin.

How Many Sessions of Excel Will I Need?

Excel V treatments in Los Angeles are customizable to treat superficial blemishes and discolorations as well as deeper vascular conditions such as port wine stains. The device applicator is adjustable to multiple different spot sizes, which allows us to quickly treat a variety of target areas without compromising precision. The efficiency created through the adjustments in spot size and wavelengths of light can lower the number of treatments a person needs to reach their desired outcome. During our consultation and examination, we will evaluate the size, color, and thickness of the vascular condition to determine the appropriate number of treatments. The most superficial vascular lesions, such as small telangiectasia, tend to respond very quickly, often with just one treatment. Deeper vascular conditions may require a series of sessions.

Are There Any Side Effects for the Procedure?

A lack of significant side effects is one of the best things about the Excel V procedure. After treatment, patients can expect minor swelling and redness. Some people develop subtle bruising. These side effects generally fade over the course of just a few days. During and after clinical trials for FDA clearance, very few people reported side effects beyond those we’ve mentioned. Since its clearance, the device has continually performed very well on patients of widely varying skin tones and types.

Because side effects are possible and can be exacerbated by certain factors, we recommend a few pre- and post-treatment strategies. These Vbeam laser guidelines apply as well.

Before treatment, patients should avoid tanning and the use of self-tanning products for about four weeks. Other skin treatments, such as waxing, should be avoided starting one to two weeks prior to laser treatment. Patients in Los Angeles with a history of cold sores may need to take anti-viral medication prior to their Excel V treatment in order to prevent an outbreak.

After treatment, it is necessary to avoid unnecessary sun exposure. When going out, wear broad-spectrum sunscreen on the treatment area to prevent irritation and further sun damage. To prevent excessive redness and swelling, avoid heat as much as possible. Do not use a hot tub or sauna, and keep showers on the milder side for a few days. Patients should also refrain from using potentially irritating topical substances in the treatment area. Instead of benzoyl peroxide, retinol, tretinoin, and acids like glycolic acid, patients should use mild cleansers and moisturizers for one to two weeks after their laser treatment.

What is the Excel V Treatment Procedure?

Excel V treatment is quick and comfortable. Smaller treatment areas may take less than 20 minutes. There is no need for topical or local anesthetic so, before treatment, patients simply get comfortable and don a pair of protective goggles. During the treatment, the provider moves the applicator across the treatment area to deliver pulses of light to the vascular lesions. The absorption of laser energy may feel like a momentary sting. The sensation is offset by a built-in cooling mechanism that operates simultaneously with the pulses of laser energy.

If you notice any of the following problems, reach out today to see how Excel V in Los Angeles might be able to help you get rid of the red. Please call our office or contact Rebecca Fitzgerald to learn more about Excel V.