Skin Laser Treatments in Los Angeles

If you would like to improve the appearance of skin blemishes and imperfections, then laser treatments may be the ideal solution to achieve your goals. Skin laser technology has advanced rapidly in recent years, and the results can be truly dynamic.

Dr. Rebecca Fitzgerald is one of the finest providers of laser skin care in the Los Angeles area. She has carefully researched and vetted all of the most advanced skin lasers on the market and has chosen to offer options that have a proven track record for delivering excellent results. This ensures your recommended laser treatment is both effective and safe.

You can find out whether skin laser treatments in Los Angeles are right for you by speaking with Dr. Fitzgerald in person. Please call today to schedule a consultation at our cosmetic dermatology office.

What Can Skin Lasers Treat?

Skin laser treatments are performed to replace damaged skin with new, fresh skin. The end result is healthy, beautiful skin that can help you look and feel your very best. In Los Angeles, Dr. Fitzgerald can perform laser treatments to treat a wide range of conditions, including:

Skin Laser Options

Dr. Fitzgerald has invested a substantial amount of resources in offering the finest skin laser treatments in Los Angeles available. All treatments are customized, and she always uses lasers that are specific to your skin type or color in order to prevent undesirable results.

Depending on your unique skin care needs, Dr. Fitzgerald may recommend one of the following laser treatments:

  • Halo Hybrid – A surprisingly low downtime dual capability laser for a variety of skin issues. Known for giving the skin a special “Glow”
  • Pico Genesis – Trillionths of a second action means no heat buildup making this an idea laser for all skin types and colors
  • Fraxel DUAL – As the name implies, the DUAL system utilizes two different laser types: one laser is used to treat acne scarring and achieve gentle resurfacing, while the other laser treats pigmentation and Actinic Keratosis.
  • Clear + Brilliant – This is a perfect “first time” laser for superficial skin problems such as pigmentation or texture. Clear + Brilliant is a fractional nonablative laser best used in a beginning series with periodic refresher treatments. As an additional benefit, you will experience no downtime after your procedure.
  • Laser Genesis – Zero downtime. Used for keeping skin in good condition.
  • Vbeam Laser – This vascular laser is highly effective at treating redness and facial spider veins. The vascular light in the Vbeam laser is safely absorbed by the color red and will not injure or disrupt the skin.
  • IPL Photofacial – This painless light-based treatment (not laser) is effective at removing diffuse pigmentation on the face, neck, chest and arms. It also shrinks tiny vessels to reduce redness.
  • Fractional Laser – This treatment is highly effective for acne scarring and generalized skin texture improvement.
  • Genius RF – Not technically a laser, Genius treatment utilizes radio frequency and is often a strong option for skin with higher levels of pigment and more obvious sun damage or aging.
  • Enlighten Tattoo Removal – Far fewer sessions and better color removal.

Please contact Dr. Rebecca Fitzgerald today to schedule your skin laser consultation.