Thermage in Los Angeles

Sagging skin and loss of definition are inescapable consequences of aging. Prior to skin tightening technologies, the only option, especially on the face and eyelids, was surgery. If you don’t want surgery, but you DO want improved skin firmness and contour for your face, eyes, or body, then non-surgical Thermage in Los Angeles could be a great choice. Give us a call today to schedule your skin tightening consultation!


Thermage Skin Tightening Technology

Since 2003, Thermage treatments in Los Angeles have provided a no-surgery, no-downtime option to tighten skin gently. Is an older technology viable today? Absolutely! Those years have meant multiple opportunities to refine and improve treatment expectations, experience, and results. Like new models of cars, aesthetic devices go through new models. Our practice offers the most up-to-date Thermage system, the FLX.

What is Thermage Skin Tightening & How Does it Work?

Thermage FLX uses radio frequency (RF) energy below the skin’s surface, penetrating deep into the dermis to help improve the appearance of surface skin from within. RF heat causes existing collagen fibers to shrink and new collagen components to develop. This new collagen development takes place over the 6 months following the Thermage skin tightening treatment.

The latest Thermage RF machine in Los Angeles, Thermage FLX, cuts treatment time by 25%. The larger treatment tip, plus the comfort vibration element, makes your skin tightening procedure not only faster but more tolerable. The Thermage FLX features a new optimized energy delivery algorithm, known as AccuREP™ technology, which automatically measures and precisely tunes the amount of energy delivered to your skin.


Effectiveness of Thermage Skin Tightening  – What to Expect

• Better definition of facial features around the jaw and neckline, a more open eye area and improvement of eyelid crepiness
• Smoother, firmer skin in all treated areas including abdomen, legs, arms, knees and thighs
• Thermage Eyes is the ONLY FDA-approved nonsurgical procedure in Los Angeles for improving the eyelid and eye area

Thermage Eyes is the only FDA-approved procedure of its kind



When Will I See Thermage Skin Tightening Results?

The two-fold response is both immediate and continuing as the new collagen restores a measure of lost elasticity and firmness. Expect small improvement in the beginning and see continued changes over the next six months.

Will Thermage Work for Me?

Thermage is an effective way to achieve tightening in Los Angeles IF you fit the criteria for success. This treatment is not for everyone and you need to have a physician assessment before making a decision. It is not a replacement for a facelift and, in most cases, will not be dramatic. Thermage is known for subtle defining and firming.

Tightening Body Skin with Thermage FLX

Whether from the natural effects of aging or as a result of pregnancy or weight loss, sagging body skin doesn’t have to be permanent. Everyone likes to maintain firm skin – Thermage skin tightening treatments in Los Angeles are one way to help achieve that goal.

How Does Thermage Skin Tightening Work?

The RF energy and delivery method of this procedure creates what’s referred to as “bulk heating” (different from Ultherapy ultrasound energy which is finely focused and targets underlying support structures, not skin).

This type of heat delivery affects all the loose collagen strands throughout the treated area dermis and puts some of the “stretch” back in. The energy is precisely and uniformly delivered into the skin by utilizing a special grid pattern that is temporarily placed on the area to be treated. This ensures overall and complete coverage for maximum results.

Does Radio Frequency Skin Tightening Need to be Repeated?

Every person’s response to Thermage skin tightening in Los Angeles is unique. Your body’s ability to respond to heat stimulation for skin remodeling is not something that can be fully predicted, but careful patient selection is a critical component in achieving good results. As noted above, an in-person assessment is needed to determine whether or not the result you hope for is possible.

Additional Thermage skin tightening treatments can be safely repeated later if desired. As a maintenance procedure, it is not unusual to have annual procedures to keep collagen production at active levels.

Does Thermage Hurt?

It’s natural to wonder if the procedure hurts. Admittedly, most all medical level procedures include some level of pain or discomfort. But there are many avenues incorporated – or that we can add – to make cosmetic treatments of any kind very “doable.”

Los Angeles Thermage uses cryogen spray–controlled super-cooling – throughout the entire procedure. Each RF pulse is sandwiched between these cooling bursts to keep your skin surface protected, cooler, and more comfortable. Comfort Pulse Technology (CPT) is a vibrational action that distracts your brain from sensing pain. It’s very effective! You’ll feel a buzz as the treatment tip touches your skin.

Thermage website – Additional facts, results and safety information

Am I a Good Candidate for Thermage?

Thermage is approved for all skin types, colors, and ages in Los Angeles. Best candidates have mild visible crepe paper texture and/or sagging skin; but not excess skin (as would occur in major weight loss or vulnerable areas such as the neck.) Patients with pacemakers, implanted electrical devices, or cochlear implants cannot undergo this type of treatment.

Combination Skin Tightening Treatments


Thermage and Clear+Brilliant are frequently paired in a single Los Angles office visit to treat two layers of skin.

Thermage and Fraxel can work in tandem to tighten skin and smooth skin with what we call “synergistic” action…meaning the two treatments work even better when combined.

Additionally, CoolSculpting and Thermage make a great combination treatment for reducing fat and returning firmness to the skin.

Other Skin Tightening Solutions Available at Our Cosmetic Dermatology Office

Unsure if Thermage is right for you? We offer a variety of skin tightening treatments in the LA area. Some of these procedures include:

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