The Dos and Don’ts of BOTOXⓇ Post-Care

More and more, people–young and old–are getting BOTOX. It is not hard to imagine why. BOTOX is a convenient and minimally-invasive procedure that can have long-lasting effects. If you want to optimize your BOTOX results, it’s important to know the dos and don’ts of BOTOX recovery.

The Dos

Do Follow Your Doctor’s Instructions

It is normal to conduct research to learn what you should avoid after getting BOTOX injections. The BOTOX post-care articles you find can be helpful. However, you should always put the advice and recommendations of the dermatologist who treated you and your primary care doctor first. 

Do Resume Your Normal Activities

Many people find BOTOX to be a convenient procedure because it does not require any downtime. You may return to your normal routine immediately after your visit unless your doctor states otherwise.

The Don’ts

Don’t Sleep on Your Face

The muscles in your face will be sore immediately following your BOTOX injections. Also, the chemicals the doctor injected into your face will need time to work their way through your system. If you fall asleep on your face, you may put excess pressure on your facial muscles, affecting your results. Falling asleep on your face may also limit how well the anti-wrinkle chemicals settle into your muscles.

Don’t Consume Any Alcohol

Alcohol has natural blood thinners. Blood thinners increase your blood flow. If your blood flow is increased, you are likely to experience bruising and swelling around the site of your BOTOX injections. To avoid bruising and swelling, you should not consume any amount of alcohol for a minimum of 48 hours after your BOTOX injections. 

Don’t Exercise Too Strenuously

Putting too much strain on your muscles may counteract your BOTOX injections, thereby minimizing the quality of your results. Light exercises, such as walking and jogging, are okay, but you must wait a minimum of four hours before doing them; heavy exercises, such as weightlifting and distance training are not okay. If you want to return to heavy exercises, you must wait a minimum of 24 hours after your BOTOX injections.

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