The Face in the Mirror

The Face in the Mirror

Self  Assessment Can be Daunting

A quick look at our face in the mirror and we start wondering, “Where’d that frown line come from? And when did my lips disappear?”

Appearance and the effect on life enjoyment – When we don’t like the face looking back in that mirror, it has a tremendous cascading effect on the quality and enjoyment of life. You don’t have to be a psychologist to really “get” how much appearance affects nearly every decision we make.

Self-esteem and self-confidence affect how comfortable we are relating to others, how confident we might feel about asking for a promotion or raise or a date,  demanding the expected level of service or even how likely we are to stand up for ourselves in awkward situations.(Ever let a rude person step in front of you at the grocery store checkout because you’d prefer to stay invisible with that zit on your chin?)

No, it’s not fair

And fair or not, our appearance also affects the way we’re perceived and treated by others – as well as how we often unintentionally treat others. Looking the best we can is not a guarantee that life will be everything we hope for, but it does take us one more step in that direction.

We’re not implying that you have to go into debt for appearance sake. There are a plethora of small steps you can take that will make big differences in how you look at yourself and also how others look at you.

Whether it’s a fresher hair style, a new lipstick, good skin care…or a resolution to smile more, there are usually some simple and affordable ways to tilt the balance in your favor.