What’s the Best Choice for Cheek Augmentation?

Whether to choose a Hyaluronic Gel like Juvederm Voluma or Restylane Lyft or Sculptra for cheek augmentation will depend a great deal on how your face is proportioned and what may be happening due to volume loss or genetic volume deficiency.

The face goes through many changes as we age, and these changes can start very early. Aside from aging, some people are born with varying volume deficiencies in some facial areas and decide to correct them even before age changes begin.

Assumptions and Outcomes

To get the best outcome, it’s important to not just assume you only need to correct a single compartment that supports the skin, when you may actually need several compartments filled to keep the visual “flow”.

It’s possible to create more imbalance than correct it if you aren’t viewing the entire face as one completed puzzle. 

For instance, the temple area can play a huge part in facial balance. Hollowed temples above newly augmented cheeks could make your face look quite odd. How do you decide what’s out of synch?

Is my facial shape in balance?

One way to get a better feel for your own facial balance is to trace the outline of a photograph of your face from frontal and profile views. Is your face an inverted triangle? Does one side look higher, wider, than the other?

If your temple area is thinner than the cheek area, you may discover that a rebalance in the temples first will provide the right framework for further augmentation in the lower parts of the face.

What’s ideal?


Ideally, a face is five eyes across from the outside of one temple to the other temple. (If you’ve heard the term “five eyes across” before, that’s what it refers to.)

The Choices and how they differ

If  cheek augmentation is all that’s needed, then cheek-specific Voluma is a wow option!

Sculptra has the capacity to change the facial balance in a way other injectables cannot; and instead of relying on implanted material, stimulates your own collagen to produce the “augmentation” effect.

The advantages of Juvederm and Restylane is that if you decide you didn’t really need an augmentation after all, it can be dissolved. But know that your treatments with Dr. Fitzgerald are carefully considered to look completely natural and not at all overfilled – as you can sometimes see with overzealous injectors (or patients)!