Are You Protecting Your Skin From the Sun?

You hear and read about sunscreen every day. The word is protect, protect, protect.

Although Southern Californians have a love affair with the sun, it’s a one-way affair. Ultraviolet light from the sun causes an array of damage to your skin. Those brown spots? Thank old Sol. Same with the tiny thread veins on your cheeks and nose, the rough skin on your chest, and the actinic keratoses that can become very problematic as you age. And let’s not forget skin cancer.

As much of a hassle as sunscreen may seem to be, it’s THE key step to maintaining healthier skin. Mineral-based sunscreen acts as a block by reflecting the UV rays and providing the most protection. Hats, long sleeves and even driving gloves can prevent dark spots and uneven pigmentation in addition to the early wrinkling an abundance of sun can cause.