Radiesse Filler for Hands: A Treatment Overview

radiesse filler for handsEveryone’s hands eventually start showing their age – from the inevitable brown spots to wrinkles to thin loose skin that allows veins to appear prominent. Aside from protecting your hands with the same diligence you use for your face with sunscreen and moisturizers, what can you do? Radiesse filler for hands is a unique treatment that restores more youthful plumpness to the back of your hands, helping to lessen wrinkles and obscure obvious veins.

Radiesse filler for hands is the same cosmetic dermal filler often used for facial contouring and has a similar long-lasting effect. If you’ve been wondering what to do about the appearance of your hands, below is a quick overview of what to expect from using Radiesse injections.

Before the Treatment

As any cosmetic treatment starts, you’ll have your initial consultation with Dr. Fitzgerald to discuss your goals, desired outcomes, and any relevant medical history that may impact factors related to successful treatment with Radiesse filler for hands. You’ll also be provided a handful of instructions and recommendations for the days leading up to your treatment. This will involve simple tasks such as avoiding certain medications and alcohol for a few days beforehand.

During the Treatment

The treatment with Radiesse filler for hands is relatively straightforward. Your appointment will begin by cleaning the area where injections will be made. Then, using either a local anesthetic or numbing cream ensures your complete comfort through each injection. Finally, with each injection of the Radiesse filler for hands, the injection site will be massaged to ensure that the filler is evenly distributed under the skin.

After the Treatment

Most patients experience little to no post-treatment side effects and can even return to work the day if necessary. Any discomfort is temporary and subsides quickly. Radiesse has unique staying power and you’ll enjoy younger-looking hands for many months to come.

Effective Radiesse Filler for Hands With Dr. Rebecca Fitzgerald

If Radiesse filler for hands sounds like the appropriate treatment for you, reach out to Dr. Fitzgerald today at 323-464-8046. Under her leadership, her equally talented team offers first-class dermatology services in Los Angeles, CA, and surrounding areas.