3 Most Common Skin Problems – Visit the Drugstore or the Doctor?

Dr. Fitzgerald was interviewed by the local CBS station about common skin problems, the basic causes and solutions and which product levels you might need.

 Top 3 Skin Problems

  • Dry, irritated skin – Caused by lack of moisture and lack of natural oils to seal the moisture in. Look for ceramide-containing moisturizers and use mild cleansers.
  • Acne – Caused by clogged pores. Unplug pores with salicylic acid, glycolic or lactic acid products. Benzoyl peroxide kills the bacteria. A mechanical skin cleansing brush helps keep skin clearer and glowing. When you can’t manage acne control on your own, see your dermatologist for RX levels of the above. Retin-A (prescription) will prevent pores from getting plugged up in the first place.
  • Spots and Dots – Caused by sun exposure and hormones. Prevention – Sun protection: Look for broad spectrum sun protection that indicates protection from both UVA and UVB. Mineral sunscreen works immediately and will contain titanium or zinc oxide. Chemical sunscreens contain a wide variety with Mexoryl being on that doesn’t break down in the sun as quickly. How to get rid of the spots and dots you already have? A full topical system called Obagi NuDerm will clear the pigmentation and leave your skin dewy and enviable.

It’s easy to be overwhelmed by the choices for skin care. Anyone who walks down the aisles of the local drug store beauty section is affronted with dozens of brand names and dozens of products for each brand. By average count, you can easily have a choice of over 40 products for acne alone! Take the time to read labels.

When you simply want products that will work for sure, visit your dermatologist’s office and get recommendations that fit your skin and lifestyle.