5 Ways Radiesse May Surprise You

Radiesse® is a long-lasting, effective dermal filler. Although you may be familiar with the most common ways Radiesse is used (to soften the creases around the nose and corners of the mouth), here are 5 other treatment areas that may surprise you:

  1. Nose. Radiesse is sometimes referred to as the “lunchtime nose job,” or the “15-minute nose job.” Without any surgery at all, Dr. Rebecca Fitzgerald can address bumps, divots, bends, and other issues related to your nose.
  2. Sides of the chin. Pre-jowl folds are located on either side of your chin. As you age, this area will look hollow and sunken. Radiesse restores the volume below the skin, creating a smoother, better-defined jaw contour.
  3. Chin wrinkles. Radiesse smoothes the creases that form on your chin. An added benefit of treating this area is the smile enhancement it offers. When those chin lines aren’t there to distract people, the beauty of your smile will stand out.
  4. Cheeks. With age, the fat pads in your cheeks will begin to droop. The result is that our faces lose that heart shape as we age. The cheeks lose youthful plumpness and definition. Radiesse is great for restoring this lost volume in the cheeks.
  5. Hands. Your face isn’t the only area that ages. The skin on your hands will begin to thin, and the volume below the skin diminishes. Not only does this cause wrinkles on your hands, but your tendons and veins also become more prominent. Note: Dr. Fitzgerald now uses Restylane for hand treatments.

Dr. Fitzgerald is an extensively experienced cosmetic dermatologist. After meeting with you to discuss your goals and assess your facial structure, she can recommend the dermal filler – or combination of fillers – that will provide the results you want.

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