Clear + Brilliant: A Gentler Approach To Laser Treatment

In the world of cosmetic dermatology, laser treatments are increasingly a game-changing approach.

However, fear of extended downtime, redness, and swelling often holds people back from taking the first step toward better skin. That brings many people to Clear + Brilliant, a more tender laser treatment (also colloquially called “baby Fraxel” for its subtle touch, minimal downtime, and rejuvenating results).

Clear + Brilliant: The ‘Baby Fraxel’

For many people, the first signs of aging happen in the skin’s upper layers, and that’s precisely where Clear + Brilliant works its magic.

The treatment preserves the skin’s outer layer because of its “fractional” nature. That means fewer risks, accelerated healing, and the convenience of applying makeup soon after treatment.

Moreover, with the newly introduced Touch, patients can receive a dual-wavelength treatment in one session, resulting in an upgraded version of Clear + Brilliant.

Goals and Achievements

Clear + Brilliant isn’t just about aesthetics. It’s also about promoting skin health. The treatment can:

  • Prevent and reduce early skin aging
  • Brighten a dull complexion
  • Lift superficial discoloration
  • Enhance skin texture and elasticity
  • Achieve a tightened appearance of pores

For those keen on slowing the progression of age and sun-related damage, Clear + Brilliant emerges as a reliable aide, ensuring smoother, clearer skin.

Clear + Brilliant Perméa™

Patients at Rebecca Fitzgerald MD can also select the Perméa option. This amplifies the results of the Clear + Brilliant treatment by increasing skin permeability for best absorption of treatment products and/or pigment-suppressing topicals.

Topical products that can delve more deeply into the skin offer more significant results. Patients can expect it to enhance skin tone and radiance and help maintain a youthful appearance. It’s safe for all skin types as well. When combined with C E Ferulic® (by SkinCeuticals) post-treatment, clinical studies have shown faster resolution of redness and swelling.

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If you’re considering a gentler approach to laser treatments that still ensures tangible results with minimal downtime, the Clear + Brilliant laser might be your answer.

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