Erasing Acne Scars For The New Year

Acne scar treatment in Beverly HillsA new year waits just around the corner. Isn’t it time you got the rejuvenated, clear skin you’ve been wishing for? Acne scars can be a really difficult thing to live with. It’s bad enough having to live with acne-prone skin, but any scars left behind can be devastating. You may be well into adulthood and still suffering from this problematic scarring.

There are a few different types of acne scars. Some degree of scarring arises in most people who have acne. The scars form when the infected skin itself destroys tissue, or when the tissue is picked at.

Dr. Rebecca Fitzgerald is a board-certified dermatologist. She has been treating acne scars for many years. As a result of her experience, specialization and passion for her profession, Dr. Fitzgerald finds the most effective treatments for each individual patient. She is committed to helping you achieve the clear, glowing skin you dream of.

There are in fact many types of acne scar treatments, including:

This time of year is the time for enacting New Year’s resolutions. If you are embarrassed and less confident because of acne scars, visit Dr. Fitzgerald to find out what your options are.

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