Focus on the Eyes

Living behind a mask means a lot of things. First, it helps keep us and others safer. Second, it hides part of our identity.

Your eyes have taken on a new prominence in communicating with those around you. Now’s the time you may be noticing eyelids that are heavier, with more wrinkles and hooding. Your brow might look a little lower. The humidity from breathing behind a mask melts and smudges even the most stalwart mascara.

But whether behind a mask or not, if you’re seeing eye aging and heaviness that you don’t like, here is a set of companion treatments and products that will de-age, lift, firm and add some glamour.

Upper Eye / Forehead Treatment Suggestions

  • Thermage Eyes
  • Ulthera Forehead
  • 5 mL Latisse
  • SkinBetter InterFuse Treatment Eye Cream


Thermage Eyes treatment Result Front showing lifted and smoother lid
Thermage Eyes – Single Treatment

Thermage Eyes Results Angle showing results on eyelids
Thermage Eyes

Get the skin TIGHTENING POWER of Thermage, the brow LIFTING POWER of Ultherapy, the LASH LUXURY of Latisse and the SKIN PAMPERING of SkinBetter!

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