Hot Weather Tips for Your Skin

This summer’s heatwave is exhausting. It’s also exhausting for your skin!

Here are a few tips to help your skn thru the heat and recover from it!

  • If you can skip makeup, do. Your body needs to sweat and the pores need to be open. Most makeup is longwear and can act like a slightly occlusive layer. A lightweight tinted moisturizer is a good alternative.
  • Spritz your face, neck, chest and inner wrists with a mineral water throughout the day. Avene and Evian make those nice purse size spritzers. If you can’t find them, make your own. Get a fine mister, fill with distilled or bottled water and cool off as often as you need.
  • Go for lighter moisturizers, but don’t leave off the sun screen. If you use a mineral sunblock and it feels a little heavy, switch to a chemical sunscreen, but remember that 30 minute activation time.
  • Put on a hat – seriously. A hat will keep you cooler all over (as long as it lets air through).
  • Opt for COOL showers. Hot showers can be very dehydrating.
  • Skip the jacuzzi and sauna until the temperatures normalize.
  • Be CERTAIN you wash your face before going to bed. Hot air is loaded with pollutants.
  • Keep your hands clean…other people’s sweat is on doors, tables, chairs, etc. No sharing allowed.
  • If your skin tends to be oily, it’s probably oilier now. Try some witch hazel as a temporary toner to balance out the extra oil.
  • A/C and fans will make your skin dehydrated. This could cause an increase in breakouts, dry patches and even puffiness. Stay hydrated inside and outside. Best hydrator is WATER!
  • Moisture masks if you have them can be helpful. Or wet a washcloth in cold water, lie back and relax for 10 minutes.