How Can I Take Care of My Skin in the Spring?

An infographic showing how you can protect your skin in the spring seasonThe temperate, Mediterranean climate of Los Angeles means we’re spared the harsh, cold winters and abrupt seasonal changes that other parts of the country experience. Nonetheless, the coming of Spring is the perfect time to take stock of your skin care routine, rid yourself of what isn’t serving you, and begin to attain the skin care goals you’ve set for yourself.

3 Ways to Revamp Your Skin Care Routine

To level up your skin routine for Spring, consider the following tips:

  • Practice safe fun in the sun. You may have an outdoorsy springtime vacation planned, or find that you generally increase your time outside this time of year. Anytime you are outdoors for an extended period, even on cloudy days, you most definitely need to use sunscreen. Donning a hat, loose long sleeves, and loose pants can not only be protective, but chic as well The more skin you can cover the better! Repeated sun damage leads to aging skin and an increased risk of skin cancer. Take a break in the shade or under the beach umbrella when you can.
  • Throw out old products that you don’t use. Old makeup brushes and sponges may harbor bacteria and old skin cells. Sometimes it’s best to toss them and purchase new ones. Expired skin products can get really weird, so don’t push them to the back of the shelf – get rid of them. Take stock of what you have, what you would like to achieve with your skin products, and then only use what’s helping you achieve your goals for your skin!
  • Recommit to daily sunscreen. Even if you work from home, a small amount of UV radiation makes it to your skin through your home’s windows, and through the windows of your car when you’re driving. You’re also exposed to the sun when you run errands, take the dog for a walk, take your kids to the park, etc. Daily use of an SPF-rated moisturizer or sunscreen product will protect your skin from damaging rays. You should use a SPF 30 product and make sure your face, neck, and throat have full coverage. Our doctors have chosen high-performing sun products in both lotion and powder forms.

Dr. Fitzgerald provides custom recommendations after she examines your skin and discusses your goals with you.

Professional Services for Glowing Spring Skin

In addition to the tips above, a professional skin treatment performed at Dr. Rebecca Fitzgerald’s practice may be the right way to refresh your skin for spring! In this season of renewal, we hope you’ll arrange a consultation at our Los Angeles practice by calling 323-464-8046.