How Long Does Fraxel Last?

If you are considering laser treatment to reduce or eliminate wrinkles, scars, or pigmentation spots, Fraxel might be the best choice. As the name implies, Fraxel lasers target a fraction of the skin during each treatment session.

This fractional skin resurfacing treatment helps stimulate collagen and elastin growth. The result is smoother skin with fewer wrinkles, scars, and overly pigmented spots. Not only is there a wide variety of skin conditions that Fraxel can treat, but it is also incredibly safe and provides long-lasting results.

Since the laser light emitted by Fraxel Dual (the model used by Dr. Fitzgerald’s practice is non-ablative) your skin is heated to a temperature that stimulates the growth of collagen and new tissue below the surface. This results in a much easier recovery than ablative lasers that remove the outer layer of skin.

When you come in for your sessions, Dr. Fitzgerald or a medical team member will go over the specific skin condition you are trying to treat and the types of results you are looking for.

Using the versatility of the Fraxel Dual system, Dr. Fitzgerald will select the appropriate wavelength for your skin type and condition. We will apply a topical cream to numb the skin and make the treatment more comfortable. The procedure is quick as the system uses a rolling tip that moves over the skin surface smoothly without interruption.

There is little to no recovery time, though the purpose of the treatment will dictate the expected levels of redness or slight swelling. You will likely experience a brief time of heat sensation. We’ll provide a post-recovery kit to help you keep your skin hydrated for comfort and healing.

As the results of the treatment series accumulate, the results will be even more dramatic. Expect your skin to look more even and toned, with fewer scars and pigmented spots. With a good skin care regimen and continued UV protection, these results will last for a long time.

Regardless of the skin condition you are wanting to have treated, call Dr. Rebecca Fitzgerald and the team at Rebecca Fitzgerald MD Dermatology in Los Angeles at 323-464-8046 to schedule a consultation. Dr. Fitzgerald and her staff will work with you to develop a treatment plan specific to you and help you meet your cosmetic goals.