How To Correct Sun Damage

Prolonged sun exposure leads to wrinkles, pigmentation, redness, changes in skin texture, and a generalized “aged” appearance that has nothing to do with your actual age.

Let’s take a look at different ways you can fight back against sun damage from prevention to addressing the symptoms.

What You Can Do To Fight Sun Damage Before It Happens 

Studies have shown that consistent, daily use of sunscreen helps combat sun-related aging. This type of aging, also known as photoaging, happens because UV rays from the sun damage the DNA in your skin, leading to an inflammatory response.

Photoaging reduces skin performance over time, leading to issues such as decreased collagen production, which means thinner skin that’s more prone to wrinkling and persistent dehydration.

But daily use of sunscreen helps. Utilizing an SPF moisturizer daily can make all the difference when trying to prevent sun damage from negatively impacting your appearance.

What You Can Do To Fight Sun Damage After It Happens 

Applying sunscreen daily, clouds, rain, or shine, is the best way to avoid sun damage. Even with sunscreen, midday sun packs a wallop, so seek shade and wear a hat if you must be out during peak sun hours.

If you’re noticing accumulated discoloration, wrinkles, and multi-color blotches, it’s time to get some professional help.

Chemical peels found at dermatology practices range in concentrations of solution. From no-downtime peels to longer recovery deeper peels for longer-lasting results and effects, chemical peels can upregulate the production of collagen and remove layers of damaged skin.

PhotoDynamic Therapy utilizes special light to activate a topical medicine that selectively affects sun-damaged skin. This is a great treatment option for those with actinic keratosis, a condition that can arise from sun exposure and leave you with scaly, dark-colored patches on your skin.

Diamond Glow is a specialty skin procedure that studies have shown to help address pigmentation and scarring and improve skin texture. (You may be familiar with the name SilkPeel, which was a previous name for the same procedure.)

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