I Just Want to Like the Way I Look – Anti Aging Simply

Sagging AND Skin Aging?

When you look in the mirror and you see aging skin and sagging, the most frequent thought that passes your mind is , “Gee, maybe I should see a plastic surgeon.” 

Well, you can do that. And you’ll probably get a nice new face. But if the idea of surgery simply has you rolling your eyes, then there ARE other options that can improve both the aging skin and the sagging done right in a dermatology office.

Anti Aging

None of us are immune to aging, so we have to tackle the issue head-on.  Tissue will sag and bones will shrink – but our skin doesn’t shrink along with them!

Our brow drops, that nice firm jawline softens and can make us look like we’re carrying extra weight – even when we’re religious gym-a-phobes.

The sun exposure we can’t and don’t want to avoid adds fine lines, discoloration, and disrupted collagen production. So, how to anti-age when Nature seems to be against us?

The selection of management comes into play – Revolumization, Resurfacing and RePositioning

We’ve talked about two bright new technologies before, but when seen as a complementary duet, Halo Hybrid laser and Ultherapy Lift is an outstanding comprehensive 2-step for pushing back the idea of surgery. You’ll get some pretty significant improvements in skin texture and tone along with a lift and tightening – all without a scalpel and with very minimal downtime. (Ultherapy is no downtime at all!)

Ulthera’s ultrasound technology is FDA cleared for lifting and is currently being used on the brow, face, neck and chest. Nearly 2 dozen additional studies are underway for Ultherapy on the body.

Although Clear & Brilliant is a laser, it’s fairly safe for skin with mixed genetics, a huge plus for anyone with ethnic backgrounds including Asian, African, South American, Middle Eastern or Southern European.

Volume issues? If you’ve lost your cheeks and your 3-D has become more 2-D, Sculptra or fillers make it easy to restore contours that you used to enjoy when you were younger.