Is it Time to Tighten Up?

Skin laxity is an inescapable part of the aging process. There’s no telling at what age it may start for you, but diminishing levels of collagen and elastin will eventually catch up. Of course, some behaviors, like unprotected sun exposure, tobacco use, and significant weight fluctuations, can contribute to earlier skin laxity or contribute to its progression. Still, even the healthiest among us will experience a loss of elasticity and skin tightness over time.

Some treatments for skin laxity involve the surgical removal of loose and sagging skin. These options are effective, but they also come with potential undesirable surgical risks like excessive bleeding, a lengthy recovery period, hairline disruption, and/or scarring. Clearly, when determined to be effective for you, a nonsurgical approach is ideal.

Thankfully, there are dozens of alternatives to surgery, and at the office of Rebecca Fitzgerald, MD, our board-certified dermatologists offer some of the safest and most effective among them. If your skin has begun to sag, use the contact form on this page or call our Los Angeles office to schedule a consultation and learn which option is best for you.

Three, no, Four Non-Surgical Skin Tightening Treatments

  1. One of the popular zero-downtime skin tightening options is Thermage®, a radiofrequency (RF) treatment that gently heats deep layers of the skin to reawaken collagen production. The result is a gradual tightening of the skin. Safe for all skin types and tones, Thermage can be used on the face, abdomen, legs, and more to create a smooth, lifted, and firm appearance. Expect the most noticeable effects at 6 months. Some look at Thermage as a periodic treatment to keep the normal effects of age-related laxity at bay.
  2. Another popular option is Ultherapy®, an ultrasound treatment that stimulates collagen production to tighten the deeper support structure over several months. Ultherapy may produce some improvement in treatment areas fairly quickly, but optimal results typically appear around the six-month mark. Ultherapy Lift is geared to help contour the neck and lower face, with other areas amenable to lifting, such as the brow.
  3. Combining microneedling with gentle RF energy, the Genius™ system offers both immediate and long-term results. With patented technology, Genius is customizable in real-time, allowing the treatment to be adjusted for the patient’s exact needs as it treats issues on the face, neck, chest, and anywhere else with loose skin.
  4. The latest technology is micro-coring with Ellacor. This treatment actually removes micro columns of skin, so there’s less skin to droop or show wrinkles.

Which Options are Best for You?

Our board-certified dermatologists understand that no two people have the same needs. That’s why we offer a range of skin-tightening options. If loose and sagging skin is detracting from your appearance, we welcome the opportunity to meet with you, listen to your concerns, and help you determine the best solution that will provide the best outcome.

To schedule a consultation at our Los Angeles office, please call 323-464-8046 today. We serve people living in Beverly Hills, Larchmont, and all nearby areas of California.