Is There A Way To Get A Facelift Non-Surgically?

2019 New Beauty Award UltheraHave you been using creams and lotions to try to stave off the facial sagging that accompanies age? If so, you may feel like your efforts to reverse the sagging are without success. When nearing middle age, many people begin to notice facial drooping creeping up on them. So is a surgical facelift the only option? Fortunately, no! Ultherapy acts as a non-surgical lift. Although it doesn’t involve any scalpels or incisions, it still reaches deep below the surface of the skin to achieve effective tissue lifting.

Ultherapy is ultrasound energy. The device emits this energy as heat, which tightens tissues and stimulates collagen production. The energy produced by Ultherapy is directed at three areas:

  • Muscle
  • Deep skin layer
  • Surface layer of skin

In this way, Ultherapy acts similarly to a facelift because it addresses tissues below the surface of your skin, as well as the wrinkled skin surface.

Ultherapy is FDA-approved to lift and tighten the chin, neck, brow and décolletage.

During the treatment, some people describe pain, others describe mild discomfort, and still others report no unpleasant sensations at all. So it really depends on your own tolerance of the treatment. We will discuss oral pain medications with you.

Your best results will become apparent about 2-3 months later. In addition to being completely non-surgical, Ultherapy has a very low rate of causing any side effects. Some people experience minor redness for a couple hours and there is the possibility of bruising and tenderness.

Want to find out if you are a good candidate for Ultherapy? In Los Angeles, please call the dermatology practice of Dr. Rebecca Fitzgerald, at 323-464-8046, to schedule a consultation to find out.