Kybella Live Treatment

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Dr. Fitzgerald injecting Kybella on patient Emily Dr. Fitzgerald demonstrates a treatment on her patient Emily. This is Emily’s second treatment session. Emily did not have a large amount of submental fat so her treatment course is fairly short.

Post-treatment you'll feel a burning or stinging sensation that may last a few hours. Expect some swelling which may take several days to go down.

Kybella is an FDA-approved injectable that destroys fat beneath the chin. For additional information on Kybella, visit this site page.

The Gene Card

Double chins are not always a result of excess weight. There is a strong genetic component which dictates where fat is stored in your body. If a parent has a double chin and normal weight, there’s a higher likelihood you will too. Kybella is the first FDA approved treatment for chin fat destruction and a treatment welcomed by millions who carry fat in the submental region.

Dr. Fitzgerald is a national trainer for Kybella and instructs physicians on the proper and safe use of the product.