Making BOTOX Part of your Beauty Routine

One of the most popular products for the cosmetic treatment of aging symptoms on the face, BOTOX is well known and well-proven. Although the results tend to last for quite a while, they are not permanent. There is also a balance between dramatic results that may last longer versus a more natural-looking enhancement that might require slightly more frequent visits.

As one of Allergan’s specially designated members of the National Educational Faculty, Dr. Rebecca Fitzgerald’s expert hand, will help keep or bring back that youthful look in your face without looking artificial or “frozen.” Dr. Fitzgerald will work with you and develop a treatment plan and regimen specific to you and your cosmetic wishes and use the advantages BOTOX has to offer, with regular treatments.

Less might be more. While BOTOX can create dramatic results in a single session, too much in one area can result in the appearance of a “frozen face” or one that cannot show expressions. Dr. Fitzgerald advises going for a more moderate effect to retain the ability to show emotions. Although this might wear off sooner than a more heavy-handed treatment, the results will still be quite noticeable as well as look more natural.

It is a proven treatment method. In 2018 alone, there were over 7.4 million BOTOX treatments. Additionally, Dr. Fitzgerald has over a thousand hours of treatment experience and has helped more than a thousand individual patients. This is a testament to its effectiveness and safety.

It is incredibly versatile. The use of BOTOX as a cosmetic facial injection has been around for decades. As its effectiveness and safety continue to be proven, many new uses have been approved since its introduction. From nearly everywhere on the face to even your underarm, BOTOX will help you keep a healthy and toned look on your skin.

Call Dr. Rebecca Fitzgerald and the team at Rebecca Fitzgerald MD Dermatology in Los Angeles at 323-464-8046 to schedule a consultation. Dr. Fitzgerald and her staff will work with you to develop a treatment plan specific to you and help you meet your cosmetic goals.