Mix and Match Dermatology Procedures for Appearance Uplift

It’s seldom a single procedure that fulfills the dreams and wishes we have for looking better. Dermatology today is almost on the level of a Julia Child cookbook for creating recipes for facial rejuvenation. Getting a long lasting and natural looking appearance update or improvement frequently involves an array or treatments and even some implementation of products.

We have Botox and Dysport and Xeomin to relax frowns, lift droopy mouth corners, lift the brow and wipe out crows’ feet. We have fillers for plumping, filling and augmenting and lasers and laser-like technology that restore radiant skin.

Nonsurgical options abound and come to the forefront regularly…each one intended to solve or reduce the age old problems of facial aging and skin changes brought on by environmental exposure.

What makes it exciting is that the mix and match element has few boundaries, so a trained eye can “see” the ingredients that are needed to effect the desired appearance changes and put them in play – either all at once (sometimes) – or in incremental steps (usually). Subtle changes make big differences and the goal is to make someone look better without looking like they’ve had something “done”.