Pregnancy Related Skin Problems


Q. “Do you have ideas about managing my skin while pregnant?”

As all mothers know, sacrificing for your kids starts when you get pregnant. You expect your body to change, but your skin? Pregnancy-related skin problems like breakouts, brown patches, and stretch marks shouldn’t be part of the deal, but often they are.

Acne flare-ups occur during pregnancy due to hormonal fluctuations and often continue through breastfeeding. But before you bid farewell to your skinny cargo pants and your clear skin, you should know that while there are some acne treatments you can’t use during pregnancy and breastfeeding, there are several effective options that are perfectly safe.

Caring for Your Skin While Growing Your Baby

One of my favorites is regular exfoliation with the Clarisonic Pro Brush to prevent oil and bacteria from becoming trapped in your pores. Chemical peels and products containing glycolic acid also keep skin exfoliated and are safe to use during pregnancy.

Melasma, also known as “the mask of pregnancy”, appears as brown patches most commonly seen on cheeks, nose, upper lip, and lips. The combination of estrogen and sun exposure is to blame. Pigment-specific laser treatments and applications of vitamin C help to lighten the dark areas, while zinc oxide prevents further pigmentation.

And finally, (and perhaps the least beloved badge of pregnancy honor), stretch marks are actually tears that occur in the skin as it expands so rapidly. We can’t eradicate stretch marks, but we can minimize their appearance and have found that the best time to treat them is when they’re new and red. Fractional Laser and Radio Frequency resurfacing treatments improve skin’s texture (think of those grooves) and tone (that redness) and increase collagen production for lasting benefits.

Prevention for stretch marks? Sometimes no amount of moisturizing will prevent those dermal tears, but starting with a good moisturizer (yes, cocoa butter and shea butter really do help) and staying well hydrated during your entire pregnancy can go a long way to minimizing the dreaded stretch marks.

Moms can look just as great as anyone  – enjoy your pregnancy, and your motherhood and safely manage brown spots, stretch marks, and acne flare-ups before and after the little one arrives!